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Rhinestone GallerySwarovski Crystals New Releases

Swarovski is and has been a leader and the premium brand for the finest crystal elements. For more than 100 years, the company has been recognized for innovations and inspiration. Here are highlights of the most recent releases.

New Shimmer Effects

Swarovski introduced two additional colors to the Shimmer Effect Family/collection. The Tanzanite Shimmer, a purple everyone has been asking for and a Light Rose shimmer. These crystals are available in Flat Back format only in sizes SS16, SS20 and SS30. Shimmer rhinestones are priced as color AB.

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Swarovski Tanzanite Shimmer rhinestone Swarovski Ligth Rose Shimmer Rhinestone

swarovski tanzanite shimmer cluster swarovski light rose shimmer cluster

Swarovski Innovations
Spring / Summer 2019
~Indulge Your Wanderlust~

Swarovsk New Majestic Blue

In this launch, Swarovski has introduced the wonderfully evocative Majestic Blue color throughout the entire product range.

The color is reminiscent of deep blue seas and vast skies. It is elegant and classic.

It has a pure blue tone, a true royal blue, between the cobalt and the sapphire in the color range.



Swarovski New Lacquer ColorsIn addition to the Majestic Blue, three additional Crystal Shiny Lacquer Pro colors offer refined shine in uplifting springtime hues. Choose from Crystal Buttercup, Lime and Lilac.

Swarovski Geometric ShapesAdded to Swarovski's extensive line of Crystal Rhinestone Shapes are three new geometrical Flat Back Shapes. Article 2771, Kite, Article 2772 Trapeze and Article 2773 Diamond. All can be used separately or together to great amazing designs. You can create amazing patterns by positioning them close together. They will also be great for creating eye catching nail art effects.

In addition to these geometric shapes. Swarovski extended their line of flat back shapes to meet the demands of of Nail Artist by adding Mini Flat Backs, Square (art 2400) , Navette (Art 2200) and Triangle (Art 2711).

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Swarovski Mini Shapes Swarovski 2771 Kite Swarovski 2772 Trapeze Swarovski 2773 Diamond

Swarovski 3232 ClusterSwarovski Art. 3252 Emerald Cut Jewels

Added to the extensive line of Swarovski's Sew On Jewels is the new EMERALD CUT, Art 3252, Sew On Jewel.

With its lightweight silhouette, three sizes (14x10mm, 20x14mm, and 28x20mm), and an extensive jewel-like color palette, it is incredibly versatile and suitable for all fabrics.


Go for The Gold in 2018 with Crystal Aurum

We Got you covered in Gold. Introducing the New Aurum (Gold) Jewel Cut rhinestone shapes from Swarovski.
Complement them with Aurum rhinestones and exclusive Aurum Shapes and Sew On Jewels.
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Swarovski 3230 Aurum Pears Cluster

Swarovski 2602 Aurum Swarovski 2709 Aurum Swarovski 2304 Aurum Swarovski 2303 Aurum Swarovski 2555 Baguettes Swarovski 2404 Aurum

Swarovski Jewel Cut rhinestone Crystal ShapesSwarovski Jewel Cut Flat Back Crystals
(rhinestone shapes)

New Sizes, Colors and Emerald Cut Shape!


Introducing Swarovski new gemstone-inspired crystal. Jewel Cut Flat Backs are available in Marquise (Navette) Flat Back (14x6mm, 17.8x9mm) and Pear Flat Back (14x9mm, 18x13mm) with a complementary Square (cross cut) square. These rhinestone shaped jewels were inspired by the elegance and sophistication in classic gem shaped cuts use in jewelry. Create a statement with these unbelievable Jewels.

Swarovski 2602 Crystal Swarovski 2602 Crystal AB Swarovski 2602 Golden Shadow Swarovski 2602 Aurum Swarovski 2303 Aquamarine Pear Jewel Cut Swarovski 2303 Emerald Pear Jewel Cut
Swarovski 2303 Graphite Pear Jewel Cut Swarovski 2201 Marquise Jet Swarovski 2201 Sapphire MarquiseSwarovski 2602 Emerald Cut Jewel Scarlet Swarovski 2602 Sunflower Emerald Cut Jewel Swarovski 2602 Emerald Cut Jewel Vintage Rose

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Swarovski 2201 Marquise Swarovski 2303 Pear Swarovski 2404 Flat Back Square Swarovski 2602 Emerald Cut

Swarovski Innovations Fall / Winter 2018/19
~Light and Shadow~


Swarovski New Color Scarlet

Swarovski Fall / Winter launch is dedicated to Light and Shadow, giving both sides of the spectrum equal weight.

The launch features:

  • Two new rhinestone colors, Scarlet and Light Topaz Shimmer
  • An expansion of the beautiful Jewel Cut stones with the addition of an Emerald Cut shape, additional sizes and a great selection of colors.
  • An awesome beautiful Trilliant Sew On Jewel ; and
  • A color expansion of the Swarovski 3230 pears in 5 selected color and more exciting Shimmer Colors.


Swarovski TrilliantSwarovski Trilliant Sew On JewelsSwarovski 3272 Trilliant Sew OnSwarovski 3272 Trilliant Sew On Crystal Swarovski Trilliant 3272 Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Golden Shadow Trilliant 3272 Swarovski Trilliant Aquamarine 3272 Swarovski Trilliant Emerald 3272 Swarovski 3272 Graphite Trilliant Swarovski Trilliant Sew On Jet 3272 Swarovski Trilliant Sapphire 3272 Swarovski Trilliant Scarlet 3272 Swarovski Trilliant Sunflower 3272 Swarovski Trilliant Vintage Rose Art 3272

New Swarovski 3230 Sew On Pear Shimmer Colors
Swarovski Sew On Pear Black Diamond Shimmer Swarovski 3230 Erinite Shimmer Sew On Pear Swarovski 3230 Sew On Pear Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer Swarovski 3230 Light Sapphire Shimmer Sew On Pear Swarovski 3230 Sew On Pear Light Siam Shimmer Swarovksi 3230 Sew On Pearl Light Topaz Shimmer

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*Crystal Glass and all other materials containing 0.0009% lead or less

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