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Swarovski Crystals for Nail

Swarovski Nail Art CrystalPixie

Recognized for its innovative excellence and collaborations with top designers, Swarovski is bringing its fashion, style and unmatched crystal brilliance to your manicures and pedicures.

Swarovski is dedicated to making the world’s finest crystals, which are a fusion of science, art and love. Though we take great pride in seeing Swarovski crystals glittering across fashion runways, red carpet events or music performances, we are also amazed to see how we inspire talented individuals to create extraordinary nail art designs.

Swarovski Crystals Nail Art consists of a variety of rhinestones, rhinestone shapes, pearls and their latest innovation, Swarovski Crystalpixie for nails.

New! Swarovski Nail Art Kits - Genuine Swarovski Rhinestones and Crystal Shapes exclusive!

We created for you an awesome selection, 11 sets, of Swarovski Crystal and Rhinestone Shape kits in the most popular colors. Each kit is different and has an unbelievable value, 15% less than if purchased separately.

Swarovski Nail Art Kits

Swarovski CrystalPixie

CrystalPixie by Swarovski, put magic at your fingertips. Innovative Swarovski Crystalpixie for nails features hundreds of crystals in the smallest sizes for maximum sparkle and limitless creative expression. The hundreds of tiny crystals in Crystalpixie create a mesmerizing effect like fingers dipped in stardust. Crystalpixie is perfect for application by in-salon professionals and for creating endless fun DIY looks at home. The Crystalpixie can be used by itself or combined with other Swarovski rhinestones and shape to create unique designs. Dip your nails in stardust!

The New Crystal Pixie EdgeSwarovski Crystal Pixie

Rhinestone for Nails

Swarovski 2058 & 2088 RhinestonesSW Color ChartWhen it comes to rhinestones for nails, Swarovski Crystals, got you covered. For nail art, in general, small rhinestones are used as they allow for intricate details, mostly 5ss through 20ss. We got you covered with rhinestones sizes from 5ss through 48ss in an extensive selection of colors.

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Rhinestone Shapes

Swarovski Crystal rhinestones shapes are used by many for additional nail decorations. They create unique shapes and extra dimension for an artistic and glamorous look.

New! Rose Gold Squares - 3mm and 4mm =>Swarovski 2400 Square Rose Gold

Swarovski Concise Rhinestones Swarovksi 2035 chessboard Swarovski 2200 Navette Swarovski 2205 FlameSwarovski 2300 Pear Swarovski Raindrop 2304 Swarovski 2400 Square Swarovski 2403 Flat Pyramid Swarovski 2494 Starlet Swarovski 2520 Cosmic Swarovski 2540 Curvy Swarovski 2602 Emerald CutSwarovski 2709 Rhombus Swarovski 2714 Fan Swarovski 2716 Triangle Rivoli Swarovski 2720 Cosmic Delta Swarovski Triangles Alpha Betta and Gamma Flatback Swarovski 2797 Diamond Leaf Swarovski 2808 Hear Swarovski 2813 Moon Swarovski Rivoli Star 2816 Swarovski 2856 Skull Swarovski 4841 Cube and 4869 Disco Ball


Swarovski Raindrops for Nails

Swarovski Advanced Crystal Swarovski Crystals Authorized ResellerFind your Swarovski crystals at Rhinestone Guy

Stand out from the crowd. Swarovski inspires the world of fashion, art and design with its leading innovations, design and trends’ expertise. Swarovski rhinestones and crystal components are made of "advanced crystal" and are lead free*, compliant with international standards.

*Crystal Glass and all other materials containing 0.0009% lead or less

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