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Swarovski 5817 Pearl (1/2 drilled)Swarovski Pearl Cabochons


Art. 5817

Swarovski Art 5817 Pearls Cabochons are a unique imitation to natural pearls. Made in an innovative process they feature a unique crystal core covered with beautifully silky smooth pearl coating. The pearls are exquisite coated to perfection with a sheen surface. The pearls feature a flat bottom, cabochon pearl, and can be glued. They are available in 3 sizes 6mm (30ss or approx. 1/4 inch), 8mm and 10mm. We stock a variety of colors as shown, additional colors are available by special order. The 5817 pearls are sold in 25 piece increments or in Bulk, 250 pieces, discounted.

Swarovski 5817 Pearls' SizesNew Pearl Color Elderberry and Mulberry

Standard colors:
Crystal Bronze, Crystal Cream, Crystal Dark Grey, Crystal Light Grey,Crystal Peach
Crystal Rosaline,Crystal Crystal Rose Gold, Crystal Velvet Brown, & Crystal White
Swarovski 5817 Pearl Crystal White Dwarovski 5817 Pearl Crystal Cream Swarovski 5817 Pearl Crystal Rosaline
Swarovski 5817 Crystal Light Grey Swarovski 5817 Crystal Peach Swarovski 5817 Pearl Rose Gold
Swarovski 5817 Pearl Dark GreySwarovskik 5817 Crystal BronzeSwarovski 5817 brown velvet

Effect Colors:
Crystal Iridescent Dark Blue,Crystal Iridescent Green, Crystal Iridescent Grey,
Crystal Iridescent Light Blue, Crystal Iridescent Purple,
Crystal Iridescent Red, Crystal Scarabaeus Green
Crystal Iridescent Tahitian Look and Crystal Pearlescent White
Swarovski 5817 Pearlescent White Swarovski 5817 Iridescent Dove Grey Swarovski 5817 Iridescent Red
Swarovski 5817 Iridescent Tahitian Look Swarovski 5817 Iridescent Light Blue Swarovski 5817 Iridescent Dark Blue
Swarovski 5817 Iridescent Green Swarovski 5817 Scarabaeus Green Swarovski 5817 Iridescent Purple

Prices  Down Arrow

Swarovski 1/2 Drilled Pearl Cabochon - Art 5817

Not Available in 10mm: Iridescent Dark Blue, Iridescent Light Blue,
Iridescent Red, Iridescent Tahitian look, Velvet Brown
Swarovski 5817 Pearl Cabochons
  •  25 Pieces
  • 6mm-25
  • 8mm-25
  • 10mm-25
  •  50 Pieces
  • 6mm-50
  • 8mm-50
  • 10mm-50
  •  250 Pieces
  • 6mm-250
  • 8mm-250
  • 10mm-250
  • Standard Colors
  • $9.49
  • $14.09
  • $15.29
  • Standard Colors
  • $17.59
  • $25.99
  • $28.39
  • Standard Colors
  • $72.29
  • $107.29
  • $116.99
  • Effect Colors
  • $10.89
  • $15.99
  • $17.49
  • Effect Colors
  • $19.99
  • $29.69
  • $32.49
  • Effect Colors
  • $82.59
  • $122.49
  • $133.69

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