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Swarovski Triangle

Art. 2711 - Hot Fix

Swarovski 2711 hotfix triangles have a flat top with facets on the edges. They feature a silver foil back for extra reflection. They can be applied with proper hot fixing techniques/tools. Rhinestone shapes are great for added design, style and sparkle.

Swarovski Hot Fix Triangles are available in 6mm in Crystal an Crystal AB. 6mm is approx. a size of a 30ss rhinestone. Swarovski does not produce these rhinestone shapes in a flat back no-hotfix format.

Hot Fix Triangles are sold by the Gross (144 pieces) or 1/2 a gross (72 pieces) and in full factory packages, discounted.

Note: when you receive hot fix rhinestone shapes sometimes they appear dull, this is from dust created by the glue on their back, just wipe them carefully.
Swarovski Triangle 2711  Hot Fix

Brand: Swarovski, Austria

Name: Triangle Hot Fix

Article #: 2711

Swarovski Hot Fix Triangle Close Up

Czech Flat Back Triangle Crystal Czech Preciosa Triangle Crystal AB

Swarovski 2711 Hot Fix Triangle Prices:

1/2 Gross = 72 pieces; 1 Gross = 144 rhinestone shapes; Measured by weight
2.5 Gross = 360 Pieces, Factory Package
  • 1/2 Gross
  • 6mm-1/2 Gr
  •  1 Gross
  • 6 mm-1 Gr
  •  Bulk 2.5 Gr
  • 6mm-2.5 Gr
  • Crystal 1/2g
  • $25.09
  • Crystal
  • $46.39
  • Crystal
  • $95.89
  • Crystal AB 1/2g
  • $30.89
  • Crystal AB
  • $57.29
  • Crystal AB
  • $118.29

Flat Back Crystal AB Triangles Swarovski 2711 Triangle Hot Fix

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