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Swarovski Pointed Back Chatons

Art. 1188

Swarovski 1188 Line Diagram

SW Color Chart

Swarovski Crystals 1188 pointed back chatons (rhinestones) have an amazing depth. They are faceted in a similar star cut as the Swarovski 2088 rhinestones, but the cuts are both front and back. The pointed back stones come to a point at the center of the stone on both sides, creating a multitude of facets from the tip to the bottom.

The Pointed Chaton features foil on the back of the stone for extra reflection refraction and clarity. These stones should be set into metal setting with prongs or into cast settings with pre drilled cavities (can be glued).

These pointed rhinestones are primarily used for jewelry and accessories. They can be used in any art or craft project.

They are available in sizes 17ss (approx. 4.1mm) up to 34ss in Crystal, Crystal AB, there is a limited selection of standard colors and coatings/effect stones with NO ab colors except the Crystal AB.

We sell these rhinestones by special order, by the package. We do not sell these in small quantities at this time.


Swarovski 1188 Crystal Side View Swarovski 1188-Crystal-TopView


They are sold in factory packages:
10 Gross = 1,440 pieces; 5 Gross = 720 pieces; 2 Gross = 288 pieces, 1 Gross = 144 pieces


Price per Package, package quantities as noted
  •   Size
  • 17ss-10 Gross
  • 24ss-5 Gross
  • 29ss-2 Gross
  • 34ss-1 Gross
  • Crystal
  • $66.39
  • $52.99
  • $30.49
  • $31.49
  • Crystal AB
  • $91.69
  • $73.59
  • $41.99
  • $43.29
  • Std Colors
  • $78.89
  • $62.99
  • $36.19
  • $37.39
  • Coatings
  • $96.29
  • $77.19
  • $44.09
  • $45.39
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