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RG Studion Rhinestone DiagramRG Studio Rhinestones
30ss - Flat Back





RG (Rhinestone Guy) Studio 30ss Flat Back Rhinestones are made in home of the cut crystal, Austria. They feature a unique precision 12 facets cut, with 9 large facets and 3 micro facets, for extra sparkle and shine. The combination of the cut creates extreme flash for best performance. These crystals are lead compliant and can be easily applied to a wide range of materials. While they are not Swarovski rhinestones, they sure are close for their price.

The RG Studio line of rhinestones comes in multitude of sizes and colors. The stones have color consistencies from the smallest to the largest. We recommend you consult your sample card for color accuracy.

It is Rhinestone Guy's choice for Costuming and any garment meant to be seen at distances farther than 4 feet. The rhinestone colors are excellent, and the AB versions are terrific. Do not underestimate the beauty of these rhinestones ...excellent value and excellent choice of stones.

They are sold in 1/2 Gross, Gross or you can save by purchasing a 2 Gross at a discounted price.

RG Studio Rhinestone Color Chart

Brand: RG Studio

Style: 12 Facets (9/3)

Diameter: approx. 6.4 mm

Rhinestone Size: 30SS

Origin: Austria



RG Studio 30ss Rhinestone Scale

Prices  Down Arrow

GROSS PRICE - (144 pieces / gross)

RG Studio Gross Prices

1 Gross = 144 rhinestones; Measured by weight, Price Per Gross
  •   Size
  • 30ss(6.4mm)
  • Crystal
  • $14.19
  • Crystal AB
  • $17.99
  • Color
  • $16.69
  • Crystal Effects
  • $17.99
  • Color AB
  • $19.79
1/2 GROSS PRICE - (72 pieces = 1/2 gross)

RG Studio 1/2 Gross Prices

1/2 Gross = 72 rhinestones; Measured by weight


  •   Size
  • 30SS(6.4mm)
  • Crystal 1/2g
  • $8.29
  • Crystal AB 1/2g
  • $10.69
  • Color 1/2g
  • $9.99
  • Crystal Effts 1/2g
  • $10.69
  • Color AB 1/2g
  • $11.49
WHOLESALE - BULK PRICE - (By the package)

RG Studio Bulk Prices- best Value - Savebest value

2 Gross Package (288 rhinestones), Same Size Same Color
  •   Size
  • 30ss-2 Gross
  • Crystal
  • $22.89
  • Crystal AB
  • $29.19
  • Color
  • $26.69
  • Crystal Effects
  • $29.19
  • Color AB
  • $33.49

Additional Sizes  Down Arrow

Czech Preciosa  10ssczech preciosa 12ssCzech Preciosa 16ss
czech preciosa 20ss czech preciosa 34ssczech preciosa 40ss

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RG Studio Complete Price List

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