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Welcome to our Photo Gallery of Rhinestones

We know that looking at a color renderings or a single or two rhinestone photo does not give you a sense of the rhinestone color. So we started a collection of larger photos and close ups to assist you. We made them a bit larger, so loading time may be a bit slower.

For additional rhinestone concepts and projects visit our Ideas in Rhinestone page

Swarovski Crystal Shimmer, followed by Swarovski's Lacquer Pro: Azure Blue, Light Coral, Mint Green, Peony Pink, Summer Blue, Ivory Cream, Dark Red, Dark Grey, Royal Green, Royal Red and Royal Blue, plus our Vitrail Medium and Vitrail Light Large pear finds

Swarovski Crystal Shimmer Swarovski Lacquer Azure Blue Swarovski Lacuqer Light Coral Swarovski Lacquer Pro Mint Green Swarovski Lacquer Pro Pioney Pink Swarovski Lacquer Pro Summer Blue Swarovski Lacquer Pro Ivory Cream Swarovski Lacquer Pro Dark Red Swarovski Lacquer Pro Dark Grey Swarovski Lacquer Pro Royal Green Swarovski Lacquer Pro Royal Red Swarovski Lacquer Pro Royal Blue

Swarovski: Crystal Rainbow Dark, Turquoise AB (special production ), Yellow Opal, Yellow Opal AB (special production), Graphite. The new Concise rhinestone line , Framed rhinestones - a rimmed look without the prong, followed by luminous green and iridescent green

Swarovski Crystal Rainbow DarkSwarovski Light Turquoise AB Swarovski Yellow OpalSwarvoski Yellow Opal ABSwarovski Graphite Swarovski Concise Rhinestone 2034 Swarovski Framed 2078 Crystal Silver Swarovski Framed rhinestone Crystal Gold Swarovski 2078 Jet in Silver framed rhinestone Swarovski Luminous Green Swarovski Iridescent Green

Czech Preciosa color release:

Czech Preciosa Amethyst Opal Czech Preciosa Amethyst Opal AB Czech Preciosa Light Sapphire Opal Czech Preciosa Light Sapphire Opal AB Czech Preciosa Night Fall

Czech Preciosa, in order, Golden Honey, Khaki, Khaki AB, Light Topaz, Light Topaz AB, Gold Beryl & Gold Beryl AB
Czech Preciosa Golden Honey Rhinestones Czech Preciosa Khaki Rhinestones Czech Preciosa Khaki AB Czech Preciosa Light Topaz Czech Light Topaz AB
Czech Preciosa Gold Beryl Czech Preciosa Gold Beryl AB Padparadscha Rhinestones from Czech Preciosa


The Opal Rhinestone Collection: Both Swarovski and Czech Preciosa have some great Opal rhinestones. They are tough to photo but have an amazing shine and unique look.
In Order:

Swarovski: The NEW, Yellow Opal, Air Blue Opal (look so periwinkle); Caribbean Blue Opal, Chrysolite Opal, Cyclamen Opal, Pacific Opal and White Opal. Czech Preciosa: Rose Opal and Rose Opal AB.

Swarovski Yellow Opal Swarvoski Yellow Opal AB Swarovski AirBlue Opal Rhinestones Swarovski Caribbean Blue Opal Rhinestones Swarovski Chrysolie Opal Rhinestones Swarovski Cyclamen Opal Rhinestones Swarovski Pacific Opal Swarovski White Opal Rhinestones
Czech Preciosa Rose Opal Rhinestones Czech Preciosa Rose Opal AB

Swarovski Red Magma, rhinestones, sew on Pears, Baguettes & Triangles
Swarovski Red Magma Rhinestones
Swarovski Paradise Shine Rhinestones a beautiful mix of Colors, Starlets to matchSwarovski Paradise Shine

The New Swarovski 2088 G Partly Frosted & 2088 Scarabaeus Green

Swarovski brings you a great new color, a new effect rhinestone, Scarab Green (officially the name is Scarabaeus Green). The stone features a metallic luster, with greens, blues and purple. Also 2 new amazing rhinestones, Swarovski 2088 G, partly frosted in Crystal & Jet Black
Swarovski Scarabaeus Green Rhinestones Swarovski 2080G Partly Frosted Rhinestones Swarovski 2088 G Partly Frosted Jet

Swarovski Scarabaeus GreenSwarovski Partly Frosted side viewSwarovski Partly Frosted Top View Crystal and Jet


Effect Rhinestones from Czech Preciosa
In Order:

In Czech Preciosa, Effect colors added. Apricot in all sizes, Bermuda Blue, Heliotrope, Vitrail Light, Vitrail Medium and Volcano in both 16ss and 20ss rhinestone sizes

Czech Preciosa Apricot Rhinestones Czech Preciosa Bermuda Blue Czech Preciosa Heliotrope Rhinestones Czech Preciosa Vitrail Light Rhinestones Czech Preciosa Vitrail Medium Rhinestones Czech Preciosa Volcano Rhinestones

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