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RG Diamond Leaf Sew On


Rhinestone Guy's Diamond Leaf Sew On are faceted cut like a leaf. They feature a flat back jewels with 2 holes drilled on each side for sewing. The Diamond Leaf jewels feature foil on the back of the stone for extra reflection. Sewing jewels are great for added style and sparkle.

These stones are part of our private line of sew on jewels, providing excellent quality and shine at a great price.

They are available in 20x9mm and 30x14mm in Crystal. They are sold by the dozen. (12 pieces), the large size by the piece, or in bulk, wholesale, discounted.

RG Diamond Leaf Sew On Crystal

RG Diamond Leaf Sew On Jewels are sold as follows]
1 Dozen = 12 pieces, Price Per Dozen
6 Dozen = 72 pieces
Pcs = Pieces
  •   Dozen
  • 20x9mm
  • 30x14mm
  • 30x14mm-each
  •  Bulk 6 Dz
  • 20x16mm-6 Dz
  • 30x14mm-30 pcs
  • Crystal
  • $7.99
  • $10.99
  • $1.69
  • Crystal
  • $40.79
  • $23.39


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