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Czech VIVA RhinestoneCzech Preciosa Rhinestones
48ss - Flat Back


Czech Preciosa 48ss Flat Back Rhinestones are available in the VIVA 12 Rhinestone Style in Crystal and Crystal AB colors. These Preciosa Flat Back Stones are easily applied to a wide range of materials. They are sold in a factory package, 1/2 a gross (72 pieces).

The MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12® is known for its brilliance, sparkle and glitter. These flat back rhinestones are designed for application by gluing and have a silver foiling that protects against damage and intensifies their brilliance.

It is Rhinestone Guy's choice for Costuming and any garment meant to be seen at distances farther than 4 feet. The rhinestone colors are excellent, and the AB versions are terrific. Do not underestimate the beauty of these rhinestones ...excellent value and excellent choice of stones.

They are sold in 1/2 gross factory sealed package.

If you are looking for 48ss in colors, we have a few colors in Swarovski. They are sold by the Dozen. Alternatively, you can get similar size and larger flat back Czech Preciosa Jewels

CP Color Chart

Brand: Czech Preciosa

Style: VIVA 12

Diameter: approx. 11 mm

Rhinestone Size: 48ss



Czech Preciosa 48ss Rhinestone Scale

Prices  Down Arrow

1/2 GROSS PRICE - (72 pieces = 1/2 gross)

Czech Preciosa Viva 12 1/2 Gross Prices

1/2 Gross = 72 rhinestones; Measured by weight

We do not sell smaller size stones by 1/2 Gross quantities.

  •   Size
  • 48ss(11mm)
  • Crystal 1/2g
  • $20.99
  • Crystal AB 1/2g
  • $23.69
  • Aurum 1/2g
  • $29.29
DOZEN PRICE - (12 pieces = 1 Dozen)

Czech Preciosa Viva 12 Dozen Prices

1 DOZEN = 12 rhinestones;
  •  Size
  • 48ss(11mm)
  • Crystal
  • $4.79
  • Crystal AB
  • $5.29
  • Aurum
  • $6.99

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