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Pears & Navettes SALE


In addition to the standard round and oval shaped jewels we have a variety of additional Czech Preciosa shapes to help you in your projects. They are great for show shirts, costumes, jewelry pieces, craft project, and more.


Rose cut pears are larger than the rhinestones shapes. They feature a flat top and facets around the edges. They are available in 10x6mm (Crystal Color Only) and 13x8 mm in Crystal and selected Colors. No Crystal AB is available for these pears.


We have navettes in a couple of styles. The standard flat top with side facets - Rose Cut navettes in 15x7mm, in crystal and jet black color. The second style is the Rauten, faceted, cut Navettes in a great assortment colors, including some effect colors, like Crystal AB, Chalk White AB, Hematitie, Vitrail Light and Vitrail Medium.


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Pear Flat Back Jewels

15130 Crystal Pear Czech 9115 Crystal PearCzech 15130 Black Diamond PearCzech Pear 9115 Jet
Czech Pear 9115 Amethyst Czech Pear 9115 Emerald Czech Pear 9115 Peridot
Czech Pear 9115 Rose Czech Pear 9115 Ruby Red Czech Pear 9115 Sapphire Czech Pear 9115 Topaz

1 Dozen = 12 pieces. 10x6 Crystal and 13X8 Black Diamond are style #15130; all others are style #: 9115


  •   Size
  • 8x4mm
  • 10x6mm
  • 13x8mm
  • Crystal-Sale
  • N/A
  • SALE $2.99
  • SALE $6.99
  • Colors-Sale
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • SALE $6.99
  • Jet-Sale
  • SALE $1.99
  • N/A
  • N/A

Navette 8504 Rose Cut

Crystal and Jet on SALE. For Crystal AB and Great Selection of colors, see Rauten Navettes below

Navette 8504 Crystal 8504 Navette Rose Cut Jet

1 Dozen = 12 pieces
  •   Dozen
  • 15x7mm
  •   Gross
  • 15x7mm
  • Crystal/Jet
  • $8.89
  • Crystal/Jet
  • $92.09
  • SALE
  • $4.99
  • Crystal/Jet
  • $59.88


Navette 5118 Rauten Cut

Effect Colors+ Ruby Red: $5.99 per Dozen

Czech 5118 Navette Crystal AB Czech 5118 Chalk White AB Czech 5118 Navette Hematite
Czech 5118 Vitrail Light Czech 5118 Vitrail MediumCzech 5118 Navette Ruby Red

Standard Colors: $4.99 per Dozen

Czech 5118 Navette Crystal Czech 5118 Navette Aqua Czech 5118 Navette Blue ZirconCzech 5118 Greige
Czech 5118 Navette Kelly Green Czech 5118 Navette Light Amethyst Czech 5118 Navette Light Sapphire Czech 5118 Navette Peridot
Czech 5118 Navette RosalineCzech 5118 Navette Sapphire Czech 5118 Navette Smoke Topaz Czech 5118 Topaz


Rauten Navette Vitrail Medium

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