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Custom Rhinestone Transfers,
Rhinestone Appliqués!


NOTE: WHEN you ask for a quote and request, purchase rhinestone transfers from us you certify that you understand lead in rhinestones laws and that the transfer is for adult wear. You also certify that you received copyright/permission to us the logo photos, phrases, etc...

If you need transfers for Children wear, we are not the place for your transfers and you must abide by the laws.  We cannot be a party to your being sued by the state of California, any other state or country or the Federal Government, for sure enough, someone, somewhere, sometime, someway will turn around and say, "Well, The Rhinestone Guy said we could use them, so it's not our fault!"   Sorry, guys...not going to play that game.  Love you all, but....even I must observe some limits, and kid's health is one of them!  

Rhinestone Guy produces Custom Rhinestone and Nail Head transfers to order with amazing speed and competitive pricing!
All Work Done In a California Location...100% USA !

We hand make the transfers, we use our high quality and consistent rhinestones. So, in fairness to our company, we do not want to hear that you can get your transfers cheaper in Korea or China. You are going to get what you pay for, simple as that. We are not going to argue with you about prices. Transfer order must be paid in advance as they are made for you and you only.

• Prices based on Quality of Rhinestone Selected

• Prices based on number of rhinestones in transfer

• Prices based on quantity ordered

• No Overseas Shipping Charges! All work done in California.

• Please READ entire section to understand transfer pricing.


1. We will need your artwork to proceed. Please indicate actual size in mm or inches on artwork. IF you have artwork in other formats, we accept *.BMP, *.GIF, *.JPG. If you have questions, give us a call at 888.594.7999...we will make it easy for you. You can Email files in *.BMP, *.GIF, and *.JPG Please do not forget to tell us the exact size of your artwork ...often, when opening files , the size(s) are altered to some extent. We need to know the exact size in both height and width. IF you are emailing more than one graphic file, it may be best to send in separate emails, as often, very large emails get bogged down and do not complete correctly.

2. IF you want transfers of words in rhinestones or nailheads, please consider this to be art work. Again, either fax or transmit art work, TO SIZE. IF words, please indicate size of finished word in either mm or inches, and Font if known. IF you submit Words, we will give you a quick estimate of the cost per transfer IF you tell us how many transfers you need, the quality of the Rhinestones (nailheads)...but this will be an estimate only. For absolute pricing, we must do a set up in our CAD systems, and there is a charge for CAD setup.

3. General Setup Guide lines. For words, you are probably better off going with a smaller stone (SS6 or SS10) and use more of them ... the transfers will "read" better. Larger rhinestone sizes will require fewer stones, but will be harder to read. For Artwork, logos, etc., Please indicate Stone Size, stone placement. For More Detailed Set Up Guide Lines, Please see suggestions further down on this page. Remember, the more complicated the settings (varying sizes of rhinestones/nailheads, and/or varying colors of rhinestones/nailheads, the more expensive your transfer will be.

4. Set Up Charges: We charge $25-50.00 per hour spent setting up design. The design is then filed in digital format and held in your name. Transfers made from this design will incur no additional set up fees upon reorder. Any changes in design will result in a new set up fee.

5. Transfer Costs are based upon:

A: Quality of Rhinestone:

1) Swarovski is the most expensive, and the glues are probably superior to other stones...Only Swarovski is Dry Cleanable.

2) Czech Machine Cut rhinestones are a less expansive than Swarovski with amazing rhinestone quality, and have good glue . For high-end transfers, this is usually the choice.

3) RG Premium Machine Cut rhinestones is the new choice for those who want a middle of the road brilliant transfers at a reasonable price point and have good glue. These are a step above department stores and better than most boutique brand names.

4) Rhinestone Guy 2-Cut Rhinestones are good rhinestones, have good glue, are certainly the least expensive, and have the quality found on many garments purchased in department stores. This stone is, by far, our most popular rhinestone used in transfers requiring high numbers or rhinestones. These are low lead.

5) nailheads: We offer 3 types nailheads: Flat Spot in Gold or Silver, Faceted Nail head in Gold or Silver, and Pearl Dome Nail head in Gold or Silver. nailheads have good glue and are by far the least expensive of transfers.

B: The size of the Rhinestone:

Usually, the larger the rhinestone, the more expensive it is, smaller rhinestones require more stones, but the effects in patterns are probably more pleasing. You can mix sizes, but we do NOT recommend a large stone size variation in the same transfer due to application problems when applying. (Do not mix SS 6 with SS30 in the same transfer, the time require to mount the SS 30 will have spread the glue too far and weaken the bond of the SS 6 when set at the same time. ) In general, do not vary your stone sizes more than 2 sizes ...i.e., SS 6, SS10, SS 12 in the same transfer should be fine, and SS10, SS12, SS16 will probably be fine when mounting, SS12, SS16, and SS20 will work fine....but do not use SS6 and SS20 in the same will not be pleased with the mounting characteristics...

C: The color of the Rhinestone:

Colored rhinestones are more expensive than Clear (Crystal) rhinestones. Use colors as needed to produce the effect you want. Remember, you may use up to 4 elements in your design, an element is a change of color, or size, or both.

D: The number of Rhinestones:

This is the most direct effect on the cost of a transfer...the higher the number, the more expensive the transfer.


Our prices are competitive with prices found overseas, but our turnaround time is usually far less than when ordering overseas, AND from what I have seen, far fewer mistakes found in our transfers. ….

Detailed Transfer Guide Lines

The following is offered in hopes of saving you Set Up fees...we must charge by the hour for set up...if you follow these guide lines, set up time will be considerably shortened.

Lettering and Words:

Lettering in Transfers should be at least 1" tall. Allow approximately 1" width for every 1" height in lettering. The maximum width that can be applied to most shirts is about 8-9"... Judge what you write by this guide line. If your lettering is longer (more than one word, consider breaking into two lines centered on each other. )

Choose simple fonts ...Block lettering is much easier to read than fancy fonts, and if you must use a Script font, use a very simple one. Fancy fonts create confusion to the eye when seen as dots, and rhinestone transfers are dots of rhinestones, not continuous lines.

Rough guide to number of rhinestones used:

  • 1" letters will use about 18-20 or so rhinestones per letter in a SS 6 Size.
  • 1 1/2" Letters will use about the same number in a SS 10 size
  • 2" Letters will use about 25 rhinestones per letter in a SS 10 Size


More or less rhinestone can be used, the final look of the transfer is what you are after. But, the Transfer prices are based on the number of rhinestones used, so choose accordingly.

To Test your transfer and its look, Use a Graphics program, choose the font and type in the word(s) that you want the transfer to translate to. Make sure the lettering is to scale for final size of font. Now, MIRROR the word(s) in the Graphics Program and print out on inexpensive 20 pound paper.

Use a Sharpie pen and dot out the lettering, do not place dots closer than 1/2 mm to each other, and try to make "dot" of Sharpie pen about the size of the rhinestone you will use in the transfer.

For a complete Size Chart in Rhinestones, we Strongly suggest you purchase the sample card. It has all rhinestone sizes in actual rhinestones. When you are finished dotting out the "transfer," turn the paper over...the Sharpie pen will have left dots of ink on the back of the should be able to read what the transfer will look like. IF you are unhappy with the look, reprint the word(s) and choose either larger dots (SS 10 instead of SS 6) or vice versa. When you have the "look" you want, count the number of dots it took to produce the look you want.


We do not advise multiple colors in is confusing to the eye, will make the lettering very hard to read. IF you choose color, use the same color throughout the transfer lettering. IF you are going to use color, we suggest using a Sharpie pen for the dotting that is about the same color as the rhinestones you wish to use... that will give you a very good idea what the transfer will look like in its final form.

Artwork and Logos: As with lettering, the key here is to SIMPLIFY, simplify, simplify. Very ornate logos and artwork do not translate well unless your transfer is to be very big. Again, set up the artwork, to size, in a Graphics program, Mirror the graphic, print it out, and dot it out as done above with lettering, Turn to see what the transfer will look like. IF you are unhappy with the look, modify until the transfer is approximately what you want to see in the final transfer. IF you follow the above guide lines, your set up cost will be minimal and the quotes will be relatively accurate.

WE cannot do set ups of words or art from a description, whatever. To give you a good idea of what the transfer will cost, we need to see the actual artwork as you want it to look. IF we have to do the set up, we charge at the rate of $50.00 per hour, and you can do most of this yourself.

Please note: This is NOT a gripe! But, in the past, we have received many, many requests for quotes of transfers via email....The email will read, "Please give me a quote of transfers for the following words, BRIDE, BABE, etc.... We cannot tackle this kind of quote, as we have NO basis for the quote. WE must have the actual graphics work to proceed in any direction. IF we have to do the graphics work, we must charge by the hour. Often, these "words" can be set up very easily by the sender and scanned, sent to us in actual size and font.

IF you want a sample, hand built transfer to approve prior to a run, we charge $20.00 - and up, Plus the cost of the rhinestones, for producing a sample. Hand-built samples require a lot of time, and we must charge for that time. To save money, you can hand-build your own sample by following the guide lines presented in this site, "Make your own transfers." IF you have built the sample, scan it and send for a quote. This is the most cost-effective method to get exactly what you want.

Once agreement has been reached for the transfer design, you will receive a printed sheet of what the transfer will look like. There will be a space for you to sign as approving the transfer design. Scan and email to us, and the run can be done to produce your transfers.


Credit Cards Accepted